How a Photo Booth can Make a Major Impact at a Trade Show

Trade shows are all about the experience. A lively trade show often has music, art installations, a mascot or two, and lots of vibrant, interactive booths. At the end of the day, you want trade show visitors to remember your booth, and more importantly, to engage with your product. A successful trade show will generate a substantial amount of leads, which in turn creates measurable ROI. So, what’s an effective way to attract visitors to your booth? Adding a photo booth to your trade show display! DRIVE TRAFFIC People love taking pictures. People especially love taking pictures of themselves. Having a photo booth as a centerpiece creates immediate interest, and visitors will gravitate towards

5 Reasons It's Still Cool to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

It seems like every time a fun new trend hits weddings, someone is already declaring it “over.” The photo booth is one of those trends; it’s gone from a fun novelty to a common occurrence at every wedding. Now many couples are worried it’s played-out. But before you put away the funny props and fake mustaches, here are five reasons it’s still worth it to have a photo booth. 1. It’s a good source of entertainment. Having a few activities besides dancing at your reception is a good way to make sure all your guests have fun. Sometimes people just want a break from busting a move, and the photo booth provides a nice escape. It’s also a good place for people to gather and socialize. 2. It creates

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